Suncapsule MAX 10

Suncapsule MAX 10
Try our Suncapsule MAX 10 the only one of its kind in RI! 200 Watt 10 minute VHR bed with aroma therapy, misting, air conditioning, stereo surround sound, shoulder tanners, and facials.


Suncapsule MAX 10
Try our VERSASPA Spray Tan booth! Come check it out. We have 3 different levels.

Our Equipment

We have 3 levels of tanning, depending on your tanning needs.

Level 1
A good choice to start you out, also recommended for those who are Skin Type 1 or II for those who want to relax a bit try out the 15 minute Solaris Bed/w Facial bulbs. For those who prefer to stand try the Sundome 10 minute booth. A great tan base.

-Level II
As your tan deepens you may want to try the Super Sonic VHR 7 minute booth or the KBL 4500 12 minute bed for a deeper, darker tan.

Level III
For those of you who are ready to take your tan to the Max, try our Suncapsule MAX 10.